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 Nanganallur Thatha and Patti




    1920 - 2006                          1927 - 2007

In Memoriam

Nanganallur Thatha (6th July 1920 - 13th July 2006)

Nanganallur Patti (1927 - 2007)

My earliest memory of Nanganallur Thatha was in the old house, sitting on the veranda and watching him read the newspaper. At that time, I could not understand what was written in the newspaper but Thatha would show me all the pictures in the newspaper and I used to enjoy it a lot. In the later years, I remember going along with him in his Standard car for rides and to the various temples in Nanganallur. When we moved out of Madras, I eagerly used to look forward to summer holidays so that we could spend time with Thatha and Patti. 

Patti was a very modern woman with a passion for mathematics. She would urge us to work hard at whatever we do and put in our best. She was also interested in carnatic music and had a good voice. When I used to be in Madras for the summer holidays, Patti and I used to go to the local library to borrow books. One of my favorite stories that Patti used to tell is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles

Thatha was a very affectionate person and was also a role model for us. He was interested in meeting new people or keeping in touch with far and dear ones. Irrespective of where we moved (Chandigarh, Rudrapur, Pune or USA), he would always send letters. I loved receiving his letters and replying to them.  

I have so many happy and loving memories of Thatha and Patti which I can’t fit in this letter but I will surely miss them and their hugs and kisses.  

May their Souls Rest in Peace.


Audio Stories (MP3 format)

There were a lot of stories that Thatha used to tell about kings, places and people. Here are a few that could be captured on tape.

1) Night Watchman (50.4 MB)

2) Golden Eagle (55.5 MB)

3) Thirnavkarsar and Appputhinayanar (32.3 MB)

4) Nalan and Damayanti (127 MB)


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