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 La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines drive - Testing Sony's DSC P73 digital camera



Sunday, 11th of March 2007 was sunny in San Diego and I along with Phani went for a drive to La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines.

I took this time to test the video recording functionality of my Sony DSC P73 camera. Sony's DSC P73 provides a movie mode for taking videos.

Sony's DSC P73 has only VGA (640 * 480) resolution available for recording and encodes at a fixed frame rate of 25 fps (frames per second). There are no options to change either the frame rate or resolution. The video and audio are muxed together in MPEG1 format.

 The video quality was good but it lacked image stabilization (see the videos below). Also, the ability to control frame rate and resolution would have been nice to control the bit rate. The microphone seems to be a directional microphone thus resulting in a high audio level for the person holding the camera and a low audio level for the surrounding speakers. It also picked up the ambient noise in the background.

Overall the video and audio quality were good but lack of settings (and image stabilization) found in professional camcorders makes the Sony DSC P73 unsuitable for replacing camcorders.


1. La Jolla Shores Drive 1

2. La Jolla Shores Drive 2

3. La Jolla Shores Drive 3

4. La Jolla Shores Drive 4

5. La Jolla Shores Drive 5

6. Torrey Pines


Pictures taken at Torrey Pines using Sony DSC P73 - Auto mode at 3 MP.

the pacific ocean

torrey pines beach

people enjoying san diego's nice weather at torrey pines

some more activity at torrey pines




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