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 Hike to Iron Mountain - March 2007



Iron Mountain is located on the outskirts of Poway, off Highway 67. The loop that we did on this hike was a 5.6 mile stretch (2.8 mile one way) to Iron Mountain Peak. Make sure that you carry lots of water.

More links on Iron Mountain:


Pictures of our hike:

Start of trail - CA 67

View from CA 67

View from CA 67

Phani, Pulak and Jenny

Kshitiz and Pallavi

Vegetation around Iron Mountain

Trail - It gets a lot more bumpy towards the end

Trail photo with some vegetation around it

View of CA 67 - Kshitiz and Pallavi in the background

Some more vegetation - These mountains looked bare from a mile or two away but nice to find some vegetation here.

A rocky view!



From half way mark - CA 67 down below

Phani and myself - 50% done, 50% remaining!

So, how many stones can you count? Radio tower in the background

One more view of CA 67 - From the top

At the top - what highway is it in the background?

Another view - Is that a church or a grave?

The other side - A lake

More mountains in the background

Big lake below - Seems to be the lake on the way to Julian


Phani and me at the top

Phani and me again - Hey, what's that guy in the background doing?


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