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 Coit Tower and Twin Peaks - Jan 2007



Outside the apartment on New Year's Eve

On Embarcadero in San Francisco - Waiting for fireworks on New Year's eve.

Ice skating - Near clock tower in downtown San Francisco

At Starbucks on 2007 New Year's eve

Decorated buildings

Blurred photos - image stabilization not working correctly?

Shrikanth, Kishore and Venky waiting eagerly for 2007

Chinese ten swords street show

Same as old

Shrikanth and Aishwarya wishing the photographer a Happy 2007! :-)

New year decorations near Pier ?

Same place but without flash

Venky on his way up in Coit tower

Shrikanth and Aishwarya on their way up in Coit Tower.

View from inside Coit tower

View of the bay from Coit tower

View of the city from Coit tower

View from the top of Coit tower - What do you see?

At the highest point of Coit tower

Alcatraz - Do you want to go there today?

On our way down from Coit tower

My solo photo outside Coit tower

Venky outside Coit Tower

Outside Coit tower

View of Golden Gate from Coit tower

Coit tower in the background - Used to be known as Telegraph Hill previously

Battery Dr

View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks

View of the bay from Twin Peaks

Venky at Twin Peaks - San Francisco in the background

At twin peaks

Twin Peaks

Golden Gate from Twin Peaks


What is this?

Posing at twin peaks

Venky and Shrikanth at twin peaks

Bye Bye San Francisco

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