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 Hiking at Torry Pines State Reserve




Beach view from Torry Pines state reserve

Some more beach views

Beach views again

View of the park from the parking lot

On the way to the trails

Some more greenery at the state reserve park

Ashish and Phani at the start of the trail

View from the Fleming trail

Myself and Ashish before some trees

Phani standing in front of Fleming trail

Ashish and myself from the top of the hill

Ashish and Phani with the Pacific Ocean behind them

Phani and myself at Flat Rock trail

Ashish smiling!


View from Fleming trail


The way up the trail

High point of Fleming trail

On the way to Flat Rock trail

Phani enjoying the greenery

A hydrogen baloon

An ant? (A huge one, I had to zoom in quite a bit to get this photo)

Myself with some sunflowers

Phani enjoying the ocean and sunflower combination

Other flowers

Phani resting!

Ashish at High point trail

The other side of the hill

Train going somewhere

Highways and houses

View of the road leading to other places in the park

Trees and bushes



Bushes again!

Flat tree (like the one in African grasslands? )

Ridges formed on this rock due to erosion

Rocky part of the beach

Phani contemplating

Ridges formed due to erosion.

Stones and greens

Ocean view again


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