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 Technical Downloads




1) N. Ramaswamy; K.R. Rao, “Video Authentication for H.264/AVC using Digital Signature Standard and Secure Hash Algorithm” XI Symposium AES “New Trends in Audio and Video”, Bialystok, Poland Sep 20 – 22 2006.

2) Nandakishore Ramaswamy; Kamisetty Rao, “Video Authentication for H.264/AVC using Digital Signature Standard and Secure Hash Algorithm” ACM NOSSDAV 2006 (Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video), Newport May 22- 23 2006.

M.S. Thesis

1) Video authentication algorithm for H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10  - Overview slides

2) N. Ramaswamy "A Video Authentication scheme using Digital Signature Standard and Secure Hash Algorithm for H.264/AVC Main Profile", M.S. Thesis, The University of Texas at Arlington, May 2004.


1) MPEG Security - My presentation on MPEG Security given to the Multimedia Processing Lab research group.

2) Multimedia over ATM


Transmission of multimedia content over a high-speed network such as ATM for applications such as Video on Demand (Vod) is slated to become one of the fastest emerging applications in the real world. Due to the low delay and high QoS (Quality of service) constraint posed by these applications, various issues arise such as selection of AAL (ATM Adaptation Layer), service class selection and others have to be addressed. This paper provides an overview of the underlying technology and methods used to transport multimedia over ATM.

3)  Simulation of Wireless Modem:- Simulated a physical layer reference model for wireless modems as part of course work in Wireless Communications. (Contains the problem statement, the project report and the MATLAB m-files for the project)

4) Digital Image Processing Projects:- Contains source files for some projects (transform coding, quantization, filtering, DPCM etc...) in Digital Image Processing.

5) MATLAB Functions and m-files package:- Contains loads of m-files and functions. These are not my work. I downloaded it from some site (I do not remember the site) and found it useful.

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