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 Digital Image Processing Projects



Digital Image Processing Projects



Please note that I have provided the source files to facilitate understanding of concepts in Image Processing. You can use the source code for your personal use and may distribute it without any prior notice.

All copyright items belong to their respective owners. Any copyright issues should be addressed to



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                                             By Topic



1) Quantization design: Uniform, Contrast and Pseudorandom type.

         Project Statement

          Source Code

 project1.m    projstep1test.m    proj1step2.m    proj1step3.m


2) Interpolation schemes: Replica, Linear and Cubic Spline

       Project Statement

          Source Code

proj2step1.m    proj2step2.m    proj2step3.m


3) Color Transformation: RGB to YUV and Y, Cb, Cr

         Project Statement

          Source Code

proj3main.m    proj3prob1.m


4) Transform Coding using geometrical zonal filters

        Project Statement

          Source Code

prob1.m    prob2.m    zonal_hpf.m    zonal_lpf.m    zonalfilter2.m    zonalfilter3.m    zonalfilter.m


4A) Performance Comparison of discrete transforms (KLT, DCT, DST and DFT)

        Project Statement

          Source Code

step4aa.m    residual correlation versus correlation.fig    Rd versus D.fig


5) Contrast Enhancement using root filtering

       Project Statement

          Source Code

step5.m    zonalfilter.m    energycalculator.m


6) Image Operation

         1)   Contrast Stretching

          2)  Digital Negative

          3)  Intensity level slicing

          4) 8-bit planes of the image

          5) Range Compression

          6) Histogram equalization

          7) Histogram specification

          8) Spatial Operations

                        a) spatial averaging

                        b) spatial LPF

                        c) directional smoothing

                        d) median filtering

                        e) unsharp masking

                        f) spatial filters

                        g) Inverse Contrast mapping

                        h) Interpolation

         9) Transform filtering

        10) Inverse Gaussian Filter

        11) Root filtering

        12) Generalized cepstrum and homomorphic filtering


                        Project Statement

                          Source Code

step6prob1.m    step6prob2.m    step6prob3.m    step6prob4.m    step6prob5.m

step6prob6.m    step6prob7.m    step6prob8parta.m    step6prob8partb.m

step6prob8partc.m    step6prob8partd.m    step6prob8parte.m    step6prob8partg.m

directionalsmoothing.m    histequalizations2.m    step6prob10.m    step6prob12.m



7) Inverse and Wiener filtering

                        Project Statement

                              Source Code



8) 2D-DPCM (Differential Pulse Coding Modulation)

                   Project Statement

                          Source Code


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